according to its specific operational activity, is specialized sea complex, providing receipt, storage, qualitative forwarding, shipment of vegetable oil and molasses to marine transport means...



  • Dear Sirs! "EVERI" Company invites You to get acquainted with Sea Transshipment Terminal, comprising: "Transshipment Complex of vegetable oil" and "Transshipment Complex of molasses". Sea Transshipment Terminal borders on State Enterprise "MYKOLAYIV SEA COMMERCIAL PORT".
  • In development of design documentation and construction of the facility there was taken into consideration experience of worlds and Ukrainian leading companies specializing in provision of transshipment services and forecast, regarding growth of beat molasses and vegetable oil production in Ukraine.



  • The main companys office is located on the address: 117 Grazhdanskaya Street, Mykolayiv City, 54017, Ukraine. There are our branches in other towns of the country: Kyiv, Kherson, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk, Snigurivka.

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Marine Terminal industrial company "EVERI"


  • "EVERI" Company was established in 2006. At present the Company is successfully developing both at internal and external markets.
  • The Company occupies one of the leading positions in Ukrainian transshipment market of beet molasses (by-product of beet sugar production) and vegetable oil. About 37% of all molasses produced in Ukraine is transshipped through "EVERI" Company.
  • The Companys activity is diversified. Besides of transshipment services it includes: export and sale of vegetable oils, oil-bearing and grain crops in domestic market, as well as provision of forwarding services by rail and motor transport.
  • For years of work we have succeeded to organize the Company, which steadily occupies leading positions in market segments, which we are interested in. For this time we have managed a team of professionals, corporate ethics and culture, have earned good reputation and popularity both inside and outside the country. We are permanently seeking ways to present more acceptable level of work for our customers and we are looking for opportunities to expand and optimize our business.

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Components of the Sea Terminal

Construction of Sea Transshipment Terminal in the portside area is based by economically favorable geographical location of our country and existing of developed port infrastructure and waterways. Water transport is the most economic and effective.


  • Sea Transshipment Terminal borders on State Enterprise "MYKOLAYIV SEA COMMERCIAL PORT". Total area of the occupied territory constitutes 66 824 m2.
  • Actual location: 117 Gromadyanska Street, Mykolayiv City, Ukraine.
  • Sea Transshipment Terminal, according to its specific operational activity, is marine specialized complex, providing receipt, storage, qualitative forwarding, shipment of vegetable oil and molasses to related transport means, and it comprises onshore and port sections.


  • Onshore section facilities, i.e. terminal area located in 117 Grazhdanskaya Street, provide receipt and shipment of products, comprise:
    32 tanks for storage of vegetable oil: with capacity of 43200 c.m., 76000 c.m., 5980 c.m., 4190 c.m., 1x4000 c.m.,3x2000 c.m.,8x6600 c.m.
    4 pumping stations to supply vegetable oils, provided with control panels and system of electromechanical slide valves. Number of pumps 32 pcs;
    3 railroad discharge racks for 16 railcars with vegetable oil;
    5 motor road racks for 22 tank cars of vegetable oil;
    4 tanks for molasses storage with capacity of 45000 c.m. (26000 tons);
    pumping station for supply of molasses, provided with control panel and system of electromechanical slide valves.
    number of pumps 6 pcs;
    motor road rack for 8 molasses tank cars;
    railroad discharge rack for 12 molasses railcars.
  • Port section facilities at berth 2,3,4 of SE "MYKOLAYIV SEA COMMERCIAL PORT", provide shipment of products to sea tankers, comprise
    mooring facilities to link onshore and marine onboard pipelines;
    mobile gantry, which supports loading hoses.

PRINCIPLE of operation of Sea Terminal


  • Vegetable oils and molasses are delivered to the Sea Terminal by motor and rail transport for accumulation of shipload lots and shipment to marine transport from berths of SE "MYKOLAYIV SEA COMMERCIAL PORT".
  • Pumping of vegetable oil and molasses from the Sea Terminal to berths of SE "MYKOLAYIV SEA COMMERCIAL PORT" is carried out through three cargo pipelines (oil D = 250 mm-2 pcs; molasses D= 400 mm-1pc.), with length of 610 meters each.
  • Approach of vessels to operational waters is performed through the Bug-Dnieper Estuary Channel up to Siversovo-Konstantinovsky (thirteenth) elbow and further along approaching route. With assistance of tug boats tanker is brought in parallel with line of the berths and pressed against it, to center midship with technical area of cargo pipelines.


  • System of quantitative metering. It is implemented with use of weight checking of cargo delivered by motor or railway transport, system of liquid level gages, radars and meters.
  • System of incoming quality control for each cargo lot. It is carried out by accredited laboratory of the enterprise. For quality assuring issues the enterprise has implemented and certified quality systems according to ISO 9001, 22000.
  • Automation system. Permits to reduce operational and production costs and provides vivid demonstration of current operations in on-line mode.
  • System of security measures. Its principal objective is to assure safety of cargo being stored. It includes guards, automated system of alarm, video monitoring, etc...


  • March 2010 - commissioning of the first phase of construction.
  • December 2011 - commissioning of the second phase of construction.
  • February 2012 - commissioning of the third phase of construction.
  • November 2013 - commissioning of the fourth phase of construction
  • March 2015 - commissioning of the fifth phase of construction

Marine Terminal now successfully operates and provides services for the receipt, storage and shipment of bulk cargoes. The total tonnage of single storage now stands at 141,100 tons, including 27,500 tons of beet molasses storage and 113,600 tons of vegetable oil. This storage capacity allows to reload at least 300 tons of sugar beet molasses, and 1,2 million tons of vegetable oil per year. Systems can simultaneously work with the road and rail freight transport in all directions (transport-to-ship, ship-to-transport, transport-to-tank, etc.). Capabilities of the terminal can process well and transit goods coming from other countries under the customs control. Leaderships of Marine Terminal supports high social standards continuously monitored the motivation level of the staff, allowing for a stable high level of employee satisfaction.

PROSPECT of development of "EVERI"



  • During the last years, under the influence of globalization in the world economy, there are some changes in economic management. In post-industrial society, the main objects of economic management become industrial entrepreneurial network. The transition from market to network relations firms that cooperate, has got a global reach in the late twentieth century in the U.S., UK and Germany. These countries have gained experience in planning and implementing cooperative strategies in networks, the dynamics of cooperation between firms in network of alliances, which are called - economic cluster systems (clusters).
  • The meaning of the cluster`s approach is to increase the competitiveness of all members of scale, the reduction of costs, through the joint projects and optimization of industrial units and structures, the access to the specific material and labor resources, the sharing of knowledge.
  • In the period 2008 -2012, basing on the development of scientists of the National University of Shipbuilding named after admiral SO Makarov, with the active participation of Mykolayiv Sea port, the establishment of maritime transport cluster was planned..
  • Some elements of the system were tested in design, construction and operation of the terminal Everi when road, rail transports and building organizations were involved .
  • As the result of the analysis of theoretical researches and practice it was proposed to sign the contract about the organization of maritime cluster system Mykolayiv 1. They should be the foundation of competitiveness of sea-industrial Complex of Mykolayiv region.

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