Everi  LLC is a part of Glencore Agriculture Ukraine. The company is engaged in receiving, storing and transshipment of vegetable oils from road and rail transport to water transport. To this end, in the area of the Nikolaev Sea Commercial Port, a modern high-tech marine terminal was built in 2010. Construction in the port area was caused by the economically advantageous geographical location and availability of developed transport infrastructure. Transportation of cargoes by sea transport is currently the most cost-effective and efficient.

The company provides high quality work, impeccably fulfils its contractual obligations and takes into account the wishes of customers as much as possible. We assist our partners to organize optimal logistics chains, to process documents, which allows them to save their own funds.

place in terms of

vegetable oils transshipment volumes
thousand tons - vegetable oils

turnover in 2017-2018
cargos were loaded

during the latest year

The annual growth of export of vegetable oils from Ukraine contributes to the expansion of capacities for storage and transshipment of our company. During the operation of the terminal since 2010, there has been an annual increase in production capacities and by the beginning of 2018 one-time storage volume was 175,890 m3.

Over a period of its operation since 2010, the terminal has increased cargo turnover to more than 1.3 million tons in the season of 2016-2017, thus allowing us to take the first place in terms of transshipment volumes among the 14 terminals of Ukraine engaged in reloading vegetable oils.

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